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The Electric Bike Expo

As a way to promote the electric bike industry in the U.S., a multi-city e-bike test track tour named “The Electric Bike Expo” has been launched. The Electric Bike Expo is several weekend long events in 2016 featuring an e-bike test track in various cities to encourage the general public and potential e-bike dealers to learn about and experience electric bikes first hand.

“The best way for people to truly understand what an electric bike is all about is to provide them with the ride experience. That is why we are taking electric bikes to the people.” Ray Verhelst, President of the Electric Bike Expo.

The demo electric bikes will be available from e-bike brands and e-bike dealerships from around the U.S. and world markets. This will provide riders with the ability to test multiple e-bikes in a short amount of time and compare them on identical riding conditions. In addition, there will be e-bike components and accessories that will be available for testing.

Free Electric Bike Test Track

The test track consists of a fully fenced track with enough variety of terrain to get a good feel for each e-bike. A “hill” structure is available for testing the hill climbing of each bike in addition to testing it’s descending characteristics. Straight-aways test the acceleration and top speed while several corners will help riders determine how each bike handles. There is an optional terrain lane with small hills, bumps and banks to further test the handling and suspension of some e-bikes. A central location of the track has booths for brands and dealers to set up their electric bikes for test riders.

In addition to offering a professional and safe test riding experience, The Electric Bike Expo is gathering market information from all attendees to further understand the growing U.S. electric bike market and consumers preferences.

Marketing Channels for Electric Bike Experts

Each Electric Bike Expo event is promoted locally and nationally through a variety of marketing strategies to maximize local attendance and media exposure:

•    Local advertising
•    Local and national media press releases
•    Local e-bike dealer promotion
•    Promotion via the Electric Bike Expo website and its social media channels
•    Promotion via Electric Bike Report and its social media channels
•    A print magazine will be distributed to all attendees and available online 

How to become a Sponsor

Electric bike and related companies interested in participating and/or sponsoring The Electric Bike Expo should contact William Sell at: Bill.sell(at)

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