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Felt Electric

Felt Electric Bikes

Felt Electric empowers riders to go beyond, to explore more, and to enjoy the freedom electric bikes have to offer. All seven of our electric-assist models are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch eDrive System, designed to make any commute, road or trail ride easier.

Feel empowered. Change the way you see the world with Felt Electric.

Since our beginnings in 1991, Felt Bicycles’ mission has been to design, develop, and deliver the best bikes in the world. This continues with our new line of eBikes. The Felt line of eBikes are exceptionally light, have power and endurance, while still delivering the great riding experience the brand is world famous for.

Through design and engineering, we placed the motor low and centered in the frame. This placement allows the award winning Bosch eDrive unit to operate in the most efficient revolution window increasing its range. Felt eBikes are “pedal assist,” meaning boost is only provided when the rider pedals. Because of this feature, Felt eBikes are street legal almost everywhere bicycles are.