Experts, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Retailers

These weekend events held in strong cycling communities let everyone meet with experts, manufacturers, suppliers, and local retailers to learn more about the technology, the features and benefits and to actually test many different models on a controlled track. This free event will let everyone decide which type and model offers the most benefit for your style of cycling and what to expect on your favorite route if you choose to become an e-Bike owner.

Free test ride with new e-Bike models

Under the tents, you will meet with many different representatives promoting their brands and dozens of different models to try. The course offers a hill and terrain features to allow you to fully understand how the pedal assist electric bike can smooth out your ride and take the stress out of the trip. There will be top of the line models costing thousands of dollars available to try for FREE! Even if you are already an e-Bike enthusiast, the ability to test drive the latest and in some cases next generation electric bikes is worth coming out. 

Learn about newest technology from experts 

Technology experts will be offering mini-sessions to teach people about the motor and battery technology behind today‚Äôs e-Bikes and mechanics will be there from local cycle shops to talk about the ease of maintenance of the current crop of electric bikes. For the traditional cyclist who is on the fence about the benefits of an electric bicycle, this is the perfect place to come and test and then evaluate who would benefit from this hybrid solution. For existing cycling shops as well as pending entrepreneurs, this is the best place to come and check out the electric bike business and talk to the manufacturers and distributors about the sales opportunities.

Visit our schedule page to find the closest event and dates for you to come and experience the next generation of electric bikes.

3D Animation of the Test Track