Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

For over 95 years Kalkhoff has been developing impressive bikes on both the design and technology fronts. Every year we succeed in driving the trend forward and bringing significant innovations to market, Made in Germany at our facility in Cloppenburg.


Kalkhoff Performance e-bikes are very impressive with their extremely powerful drives, first-class features and absolutely faultless ride qualities.So you can easily do longer journeys at a sporty pace with power assist up to 45 km/h. Cars simply fall by the wayside!


The Activity e-bikes from Kalkhoff make long journeys a cinch, even for beginners. They are sporty, but reliable and easy to use at the same time. The extremely long range ensures that you can undertake even an extra-long tour. In addition, with their powerful drives, the Activity e-bikes can carry lots of luggage and heavy loads with ease and in comfort.


Urban e-bikes combine style and state-of-the-art technologies with innovative functions. They make urban life simple, easy and leisurely - going to work, on a shopping trip or heading to that hip Italian place. And to make sure you look stylish on every trip, the design of the Urban e-bikes is extremely trendy.


The Comfort e-bikes always get you there in great comfort, with their reliable drives, high-quality component sand a complete range of features that leaves nothing to be desired - from the practical suspension forks to comfort tyres and the extra-comfortable saddle. And to ensure that the look fits when shopping or on a trip to the countryside.