BULLS eBikes


BULLS eBikes

BULLS is more than a exclusive bicycle and eBIKE manufacturer. We strive on setting new industry standards thanks to the hard work of both our development team and feedback from our experienced racers. All of our bikes are engineered, designed, and tested at our headquarters in Cologne, Germany. 

BULLS has been in the eBike market since 2010, mainly in the continental Europe. Since the early stages, partnering in the development and production of eBike systems with top premium suppliers, gave BULLS a key advantage in developing the most innovative systems, far ahead of the competition. 

Today, BULLS is the best example of a brand that has an eBike for every need. Offering the greatest mix of eBike models in different disciplines from eMTBs to eCross to eUrban to eFat bikes. 

BULLS eBikes have proven a great success and we want to share this new fun sport and lifestyle that has changed the way people use transportation in many countries in Europe. 

Go faster, farther and higher while having more fun. What are you waiting for?