Electric Bike Expo - Test Track

Electric Bike Expo - The Test Area

Imagine all of the surfaces from the guard rails, to the flying flags all promoting leading brands and inviting attendees to try FOR FREE! The unique floating globes are 2m helium- filled LED lights that allow riders to test into dusk with a soft, even glow over the entire track. The 15 different 10x10 exhibit spaces are covered for weather and security under the 40x60 and 2@ 20x30 framed tents. The controlled route allows riders to experience acceleration, hill climbing, the benefits of suspension on the terrain lane and the ease of handling on all of the turns.

Track Operation

  • Friendly, local track staff to walk the attendees through pavilion access based on electronic touchscreen Insurance Registration process
  • Mandatory Helmets are distributed and fitted
  • All bikes will be reviewed for safety standards and tagged
  • Customer relationship staff will politely control speed, flow, and track volume
  • Gauntlet exit for helmet return and polling
  • Digital video and market research staff
  • Full trackside security
  • Special Event schedule with media and commercial groups