Tempo Electric Bikes

Life's too short not to have fun. Tempo is redefining urban commuting by paving the way for a greener, healthier lifestyle. Designed with the needs of commuters in mind, Tempo's pedal assist technology lets you travel farther and faster than conventional bikes while still providing health benefits of cycling.

Our passion for cycling is driven by you. At Tempo, we are determined to help get you where you need to be while also helping to reduce traffic congestion. Every stride, every ride -- you are making a difference. Join the Tempo hybrid movement and let's go further.

Whether you're commuting or exploring, Tempo gets you there without breaking a sweat. A healthier lifestyle that's fun and rewarding. Find your Tempo and let's keep moving.

Life is an adventure. Every turn is smooth and effortless with Tempo. Care went into every detail of creating a Tempo hybrid bike that is stylish, comfortable and reliable. Make every day an unforgettable experience. Let's ride.