Wallerang Electric Bikes

Our mission is to bring you easier everyday travels through smarter solutions. We want people to have the freedom to travel however they want, while bringing whatever they need on a daily basis. And with that, we are: REDEFINING EVERYDAY TRAVEL

As e-bikes play a larger roll in daily personal transportations, our goal is to make the transition even easier, or smarter as we like to say. By combining an electric system with a modular cargo system you can now not only transport yourself easily, but also the things you need. Everyday.

As we decided that the current situation for daily transportation need to change, we soon realised that we can’t do it on our own. So we gathered a team of expert to join us in the process of building the next generation of e-bikes. We also decided to make it a strictly nordic project, because if it can be durable enough for the nordic climate, it will be anywhere.

Built by hand in Högsbo, Gothenburg, Sweden

It may sound backwards, but we decided early on to build our bikes by hand in our own facilities located in Gothenburg. But it makes perfect sense, because it is important for us that the bikes get carefully assembled and that we are able to spend the time to make a solid craftsmanship. Thus we handle the crafting of the bikes as thoroughly as everything else in the process – without compromise.

Modular thinking

We would like to take a moment and explain our Modular Travel System. It may not seem like a big deal just looking at it. But you need to have in mind that nearly all prefabricated bikes come equiped with certain predetermined transportation components, or non at all. We wanted to create a system that’s easy to mount by yourself, and also tenders to a long list of transportation needs. Say for example you need to go shopping for your daily groceries on the way home from work, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag that carries all of your groceries, and fits perfectly on your rear carrier. On another note, where to put your valuables? Isn’t the front the best place, where you can see them at all times? We think so and therefore we designed to allow for straps on the front carrier, so it can handle most laptop and hand bags to be as secure as you want them to be. So it’s not really about the front and rear carriers, it’s all about what you can use them for without leaving your bike.

Powered by Shimano Steps

We went looking for a system that brings the right level of integrated design, seamless operation and effortless performance. Finally we found it at Shimano. And Shimano knows bikes. Who better to power our e-bike? Shimano Steps is a system built around a frame-mounted drive unit. By integrating the drive unit around the bottom bracket area, the weight is positioned low for easier handling. The essential electronics are incorporated in the drive unit, making a reliable and weatherproof system. The system is light weight, has a large capacity lithium-ion battery pack and an intelligent power management system. It will bring you further than ever before. It’s this kind of thinking that made Shimano Steps the obvious choice for us.