The Company

ExtraEnergy Services North America, Inc.

Extra Energy Services North America, Inc. (ExtraEnergy) is a multi-dimensional marketing and business development company, focusing on the electric bicycle and light electric vehicle industries. Our team of international experts specialize in experiential event development, digital publishing, software development, big data research, business development, audience acquisition and educational advocacy.

Strategically linked to, one of Europe’s leading voices for the electric bicycle industry, and through our extensive reach into Asia through ExtraEnergy Services Asia, the company is at the center of the technology, legislation and advocacy on a global scale. Our domestic media outlets reach the largest electric bicycle enthusiast base in North America.

The exhibition and event management team brings more than 80 years of collective experience in producing events, trade shows and conferences around the world. 

Company Address


ExtraEnergy Services North America, Inc.

9980 Prairie Dove Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89117

Office  +1-702 688 5573




The Team

Ray Verhelst, CEO

Ray will use his many years of experiential marketing and event development skills, along with in-depth knowledge of e-bike engineering to create and manage these high quality electric bike riding experiences. E-Mail Ray

Hannes Neupert, COO

Hannes Neupert is the President of ExtraEnergy and Vice President of ExtraEnergy Services North America. He has spent much of his life promoting the electric bicycle industry. He also is founder of EnergyBus, Batso and recognized stakeholder in multiple international bicycle institutions. E-Mail Hannes

Pete Prebus, CMO

Pete Prebus will market and promote ExtraEnergy events through Electric Bike Report and The Electric Bike Expo website along with all of the associated email and social media channels. Electric Bike Report will also be providing a new business to business section, in addition to a section for The Electric Bike Expo. Pete will be editor of The Electric Bike Expo magazine and Interbike e-bike industry magazine. Pete will be editor of The Electric Bike Expo consumer magazine for Electric Bike Expo events and the e-bike industry magazine available at “The Circuit presented by Shimano” at Interbike. E-Mail Pete

William Sell, CSO

William Sell is a recognized leader in the promotion and production of large-scale conferences and trade shows around the world. William’s career highlights include being Vice President & General Manager of COMDEX in Las Vegas. E-Mail Bill

Sascha Nachtnebel, CTO

will be bringing his expertise to manage the online and data collection components of Electric Bike Expo events. Sascha is the CEO and Founder of, the powerful online electric bike comparison tool where users can compare more than 10,000 e-bike models from 400 different brands. Sascha and his team of experts at Greenfinder will bring their innovative services to North America as well as their new digital consumer market research tool from Greenfinder Expo Research to capture data from the thousands of expo attendees and tens of thousands of online readers. E-Mail Sascha